Tuesday, December 21, 2010

crashed (NFTPL #19)

it's been raining a lot here in los angeles over the last few days, unlike the northwest who gets rain frequently, rain here can be and usually is very dangerous. the last time it rained this badly was January of 2005 when my best friend was getting married, that week several houses fell down mullholland drive and laurel canyon! so even being the ever experienced rain driver driving here in the rain kind of freaks me out a bit mostly because people don't know that it isn't the best idea to barrel along as one would in the sun. why driving home this afternoon i was being tailgated by a semi-truck doing at least 65 in a torrential down pour with very little visibility. needless to say when it is badly raining here in los angeles i am very happy when traffic is forced to drive under 50mph. this happened as i was coming back from sierra madre a town about fifteen minutes north west of us. oh and one more thing when there is an accident even if it isn't on the road it slows or stops traffic because people always want to look at it which is something i don't understand...since by looking at it you could cause another accident since you aren't paying attention to the road. anyway as i was slowing inching up the last hill before exiting the freeway i was on to get on the other freeway i need to get home i saw the flashing lights to my left. what i noticed as i got closer and close was that there were over five fire trucks and three police cars. in that instant i realized something major had happened but i still couldn't see the cause, just as i was almost parallel with the emergency vehicle i caught a glimpse of a car door pulled up and off it's hinged right next to a palm tree. someone had wrapped their car around the tree that was the reason and need for all the aid vehicles. in that instance i lost my breath, tears and sobs filled my throat and it was all i could do to keep focused and drive. my mom that what i kept thinking and my heart raced as i prayed begging prayer for whoever had been in the car and all the people who would be affect by this event. i prayed that it would be a place for light and hope to enter instead of darkness i prayed that God would used this horrible thing to glory to offer redemption, reconciliation, and renewal. i know what it is like to have your whole world shatter in an instant because of stupid weather and miscaluations....it is awful and horrible and it's taken me years to heal. yet when i see a horrific car accident i revert to eleven years ago to walking off an airplane and hearing the news that my mom may not make it through the night. i wish that no one else ever has to hear thoses words...and if they do that they find and are offered love and grace and hope that overrides the shattering of a crash.

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