Sunday, December 26, 2010

the holidays restful? (NFTPL #20)

i think so often as much as many of us love the holidays there are not a time of rest or relaxation...i know for me for the last several years they have been a time of great stress because often i was very broke or out of work with the families I worked for traveling to see family. when i had gotten christmas bonuses they would go to paying bills for the month or getting christmas presents for people not for something fun for me. even this year the "christmas money" i received was used to pay bills and once again i did not really work most of this month.

yet unlike years past i didn't need to stress about it and i was actually able to find rest during this sacred time of reflection. one of the reasons was that i had enough money to pay all of my bills at the beginning of the month so what i had in my account was what i had and i didn't have to worry about whether or not i could pay this or that. also i am blessed to be living with my best friend and her parents so i didn't have to worry about paying for food or the large amount of gas to get home for christmas. but what really made the holiday restful was the fact that we did spent both weekend away from home in a hotel and the family condo with aunt & uncle and cousins, all of which combined to bring rest for the holiday. it was such a delight to engage with teenagers and a elementary student who genuinely loved and enjoyed each other. i was reminded of how much i miss the times when i get to be with both of my brothers and revel in that sibling comradely. but above all else the best part of christmas was the fact that on christmas morning i got to go swimming and have a martini right after breakfast...if only every day could start like that i would be a happy camper or at least with the swimming!

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