Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the joy of an act (NFTPL #17)

today i was given the chance to paint while serving in my church and it was great. for a hour and a half i painted hot air balloons for the children's classroom. while there are still so many ideas still bumbling around in my head that need to jump out on to a canvas in the near future just the act of dipping a brush into paint and applying that onto something was so rejuvenating and grounding. there was an easy felt in my being for the rest of the day because of that simple act repeated over and over again.

it is so easy for me to forget how much creating and having the mental and spiritual space that creation brings is vital to my well-being. with out it i loose direction and focus. while i was at mars hill i found that often painting helped me find clarity when i was stuck on a paper or idea. because of that i realize going into this next program i NEED to make it part of my process, much like i need to make doing early drafts and research early part of my rhythm and process. the grounding which comes out of painting for me is so vital and yet it is so very easy to ignore that calling inside.

today shiloh and i were talking about art over dinner and i realized that so often we (collective we) forget to incorporate those artistic practices that give us life into our life. i want to make space to create it a vital and central element of my life from now on and be open to what happens with that creation.

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