Monday, January 24, 2011

Icons of Truth (NFTPL #25)

I keep coming back to this idea from L'Engle's book "Walking on Water" that myths and stories are icons of truth which embody the truth via story...much like the parables with in the gospels. With in the context of story truth can be seen sometimes more clearly that when it is offered in "plain english". The artist in me rejoices with that thought, in part because it justifies my unique way of seeing the world...I see truth through art, image, and story. I know things clearly because of the way these mediums have the capacity to worm past the guarded walls of my heart and ignite empathy and love. Listening to the story of the good Samaritan while driving to work caught the deep well of care hidden there...for the first time I was struck by the connection of Christ's presence in the world being that of one who is displaced with out a home. As Edwin, my pastor illuminated Christ lived both the role of alien and displaced person, those who we are charged with caring for. While much of my current class load is a repetition of previous work, it is the stories of the characters and the stories of the scriptures retold that keep my interest. New ways for the academic nerd in me to understand texts I have read and hear so many times they have begun to loose their meaning. How could I have missed the setting up of opposition in the birth accounts of John and Jesus in Luke, when I figured out the plot of "twelve monkeys" in the first fifteen minutes? Icons lead me back to the truth and open my heart and eyes to new ways of seeing.

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