Monday, January 03, 2011

new year, new things (NFTPL #21)

Ever since yesterday morning when we got back from New Years in Catalina I feel like I haven't stopped a good way. Yesterday was the meet and greet for the artist community at the branch of Mosaic church that I attend. So for three hours I got to sit in a room with other artists and talk about the unique space of being a person of faith and an artist. Along those lines it has been about a month since I met and contacted the head of arts for the church and already I am getting plugged into the community through which God is reminding me of what skills and gifting I can serve with. All of which is very exciting and energizing. I find myself wanting to soak it all up like a sponge but also with this pulsing need to create.

Then today was the first day of school for I began with orientation, rushed to change my class schedule & get some of my books before attending my first class. The first class was a lot of material that I already had encountered but I really enjoyed the excitement and joy the professor brought, this was his first class teaching as a professor. This evening I attended the class that I had just registered for this morning. It is a history course and will be very challenging but in what I hope will be a good way, also the professor is quite funny which give me hope that I will be able to stay awake! Tomorrow I have the first day of my third class which is a four hour evening class...I am hoping I can stay up for that.

So many things are sitting in my heart and brain from the last two days but for now they just need to peculate and marinate while I keep moving. I feel so overwhelmed and excited for all of these opportunities, I have no idea what God is making but I am sure it will be lovely in the end.

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