Tuesday, January 18, 2011

working together (nftpl #24)

while reading through blogs and other things i came across the lovely photo site of sarah jurado (www.sarahjurado.com),in addition to being a incredible photographer she is also the wife of damien jurado the lovely seattle musician. her work is so warm and personal capturing the heart of the people, especially the musicians that she photographs. what struck me most though were the photos she had taken while on tour with her husband. i was caught to the quick once again with my overwhelming desire to be in relationship with someone who i can co-create with. while many girls dream of their wedding day and prince charming, i have dreamed of that slightly (or severely dented) warrior who was i had a deep connection spiritually, artistically and relationally. i to some extent don't really care about a wedding day but care deeply about the man who i share life with. i want so badly for a relationship that is generative in all areas but especially in regard to creative growth and birthing. i used to say that i wanted someone who i could create with, talk about trinitarian theology,and have a great time in bed with. which is still true although i could let go of the trinitarian theology as long as they believe in jesus, i'm not that picky. but i can not let go of the desire to be with someone who is creative and with whom i can create with. i can't seem to escape this desire to have that kind of connection with someone i am with...i want to be with someone who wants and believe in the power to change the world via artistic creativity. to wrestle with life, good and bad in the context of creativity.

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