Thursday, February 24, 2011

beauty (NFTPL #35)

so i read a lot of plus size fashion blogs...mostly because seeing other non-small and vivacious women living their lives and showing off their fashion sense helps me to be able to love my body more. tonight looking at one of these blogs fills me with so much hope and strength, seeing someone else flourishing is so encouraging. the more and more i grow in myself the more i want to embody and embrace my self and life for the great beauty and goodness that it is. we as women are so often told how we should hate ourselves instead of love ourselves...i do this all the time. we have this ability to see the beauty and loveliness in everyone around us but have a block when we look at ourselves in the is then that we see only ugliness and things that "need" to be changed. self hatred is a horrible way to live it binds you and keeps you from the truth of who you are. i find that i want to be connected to my self and grow into the woman i was created to be.

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