Thursday, February 24, 2011

realizations and new understandings (NFTPL #34)

over the last few weeks realizations and thoughts have been flowing though my heart and mind. many of these have to do with my life and what i want it to be about, specifically in regard to relationship and life rhythm. at my age marriage and having children starts to become a one of those things that weights and eats at your heart. what i am finding for me is that those things that i think i want or rather expected i would just have may not be the things i want. it's not that i don't want to get married or have children but that i realize i would rather not have those things than have them with the wrong person. that is a path i have watched to many people i love take. the longer i travel on my own journey the more implausible it feels that i will find someone who can partner with me in this journey. i find my self asking if there is really someone out there who can live this life, who is journeying on a path to faith, and can see me in a the way i can't often see my self?

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