Friday, February 25, 2011

vision...or rather the trouble with it..(NFTPL#36)

tonight's got me thinking of the perils of vision and having vision. maybe in part because the commentary on revelation i am reading for my final exegesis is comparing john's experience in revelation to the trance like state of "altered states of consciousness" which is very amusing to think of. also i had a conversation with my dear best friend and roommate about the hardness of waiting in vision with out anything tangible to connect you to that vision, in essence the act of faith. which has led me to ponder the fact that being one is sees or is given vision is very very challenging. at the core it means being called to live in the presence to an alternative reality which very few others can imagine or see. yet i know from having studied and lived with people who cast dreams and visions that the pain of waiting for that vision to come to fruition is difficult the birthing of it is incredible.

i find that in spite of how all over the map i feel about things in life i desire to have vision and dreams leading to a greater understanding of life and love and God. my secret heart's desires in a way become my own version of visions...the things that are used to get me out of my self doubt and fear and ask me to wait in the unknown. these dreams call me to stop and learn the practice of creation to spend the time needed to build daily creation as a vital element of my livedness. what i learn now is that each day is a step towards becoming the woman and creator i want so badly to be.

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