Saturday, March 12, 2011

fitting in (NFTPL#42)

this evening we went to one of the opening night parties for los angeles fashion see a band play. what was interesting was that as much as i love fashion and art the only crowd there that didn't feel snobby or pretentious were the people who were there to see the bands play. i love great art of all kinds but i am finding that the more and more i get out to events the more i feel like the music scene (dyi/indie) is so less stuck up than the other "art scenes" here in town. whenever i am at a concert, especially those with a great and loving fanbase, the massive amount of self-centerdness that many people think is so "LA" seems lost and forgotten. yes there are snobby and insecure people in every crowd...hell isn't that why most people are snobby, they are so afraid of not being cool that they look down on others to balance out the sharp fear that really they are the ones who don't belong. we met this really cool couple outside as while getting some air. the incredibly sweet and cool emily scott, and  her new husband hayden, who was actually the drummer for the band we had come to see. hanging out with emily was totally cool...yah emily!

over all the night rocked because we met cool and lovely people, i had a yummy mixed drink, which was not so happy the next morning, and got to see the black ryder play a good show for free. granted it was fashion week so there were these super bothersome photographers in everyone's faces but over all it was nice to go see a band i love and bliss out for an hour in the midst of school and project chaos. while i have been going to live concerts for ages and LOVE to be in that  spiritual and connective space, i think the only exception was a band of horses show at the showbox in seattle where literally every possible lame drunken slightly off kilter person who thinks getting into a fight with another drunken stranger is ok concert etiquette was in attendance leading to a very distracted concert experience, with that exception i have yet to go to a show where i don't feel some kind of spiritual connection and sense of "yes" this is where i belong. maybe it has to do with my proclivity for being attracted to musicians but whatever the reason i feel a sense of fitting in and belonging in the music circles even though i can't play my guitar and would be terrified to sing in front of other people. in spite of my lacking musical skills and my fears of singing in public the music community still feels like "my kind of people".

this is a picture of *most* of the talented and fantastic members of the black was taken the night of the show.

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