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love love love for spiritual guide (of sorts) (NFTPL #40)

I love reading people's random questions and responses online...ian ottaway is one of those people who when he responds to a question makes me infinitely happy. ian act's as spiritual tech support (and possible acquirer of drugs take that as you will) on one of the sites i read frequently. given the fact that the only face to face encounter i have had with ian was sweet i have to assume that he is at least in part how i experienced him via that interaction as well as from reading his posts. after a show a few weeks ago he came up and chatted briefly with shiloh and i and complemented us both in a totally non sleazy and deeply sincere way, to which i say sweet man.

so here is his response to a question about music...but what i love most about his response is that he speaks to the need for artists (of all varieties) to be collaborative and help each other. which as an artist made my heart jump for joy!!! for most of us struggling artists all we really need is for someone to reach out and offer us a chance to show what we can do...we need someone a bit ahead to hold the door open so to speak. all the artist communities that i have been apart of over the last ten or more years have taught me that championing and collaboration are marks of a community not a city or a town, while there are certain places that tend toward an ethos that is more geared for this like olympia and portland, or both of which are "dyi" based communities, it really comes down to finding and creating community with like minded artists who hold a similar view on support and creation. but really it comes down to another artist further along the path giving and offering space for another to have, as shiloh says "the chance to play, man". given where we are at in our film project i know the absolute need to have someone take a risk on your work...trusting that you will not abuse that support (which we won't) or undermine what they have created...but instead calling them to remember what their first gallery show, concert, play, film, painting ect was like and extending grace to you out of that remembrance.

here is ian's post taken from

I wanted to know from your viewpoint, “What would you like to see in music and musicians today”? Are they missing some kind of element while making music or are they just lazy?

- Kristen Fisher

I don’t listen to all that much of Today’s music, you’re more likely to find me burning to Howlin’ Wolf at 3 in the morning Kristen, but there are quite a few things I am really excited by these days. I like the fact that quite a few bands are championing other bands and supporting each other. In some circles it’s quite a caring community. Instead of pure ego, id and self importance, it’s becoming more of an “Us” instead of a ”Me” kind of vibe. I also like the fact some of these bands also suss out painters, photographers, artist of all different composits and give them the chance to shine and expand their name and work. Keep your eyes peeled for the works of Nina Pratchios in the future…

I dig that Nick Cave extracted himself from his modus operandi and created another band called Grinderman, that bring back a lot of the energy and spirit of Iggy and the stooges. Mr. Cave is another person who is reaching out and supporting other artist. He has always supported his friend John Hillcoat the film director, Mr. Cave has also been the Meltdown festival’s curator and brought Nina Simone back out to shine just before she died, so younger people could get familiarized with her genius. An exceptional artist named Ilinca Hopfner sent Mr. Cave a video she created and he took her on and had her create much of the visuals for Grinderman’s 2nd record. My point is that I really support great artist that support other artist…this town is big enough for all of us, so to speak. A lot of people tend to forget that a Mr. Ian Astbury of the cult was one of the first to unite many artist at a gig way back called “The Gathering of the Tribes”. I also give thanks to Mr. Anton of the BJM for giving us the band Dead Skeletons.

Last but not least I love when bands shine a light on good causes and to bring awareness. I love the fact that B.R.M.C. support the Not for Sale campaign to end modern day slavery and put a stop to human trafficking. The late and great Elliott Smith gave when he could to help raise awareness for child abuse. I wish more bands would come forth and help the homeless and donate more to Indian rezervations. There are so many good causes and helping others only makes us more human, it only makes our spirits truer. Rock and Roll is much more than feeding your own soul and riding on the waves of electricity…it’s about unity and it’s about where we’ve been, what we’ve seen and where we are all going. Rock and Roll is true Love and nourishment on many many levels.

Cheers Kristen


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