Friday, March 04, 2011

random friend love

tooling through facebook and checking out friends posts i came across some great posts by my friend tucker who's an incredible artist, mdiv holder and all around cool person. i love the stuff he and other friends from mhgs post reminding me that there are more voices than the ones i currently hear in class. but that's not the only reason i wanted to shout for joy at my talented and brave friends...tucker is one of about six friends of mine with two or more children under the age of five. the coolest thing about all of these friends is that almost all of them had their children while going to graduate school and they all are great parents. as a nanny who has worked with many families and children as well as being, at least right in this moment, a single person who constantly questions whether or not i want to have children if the chance arises* i am in awe of my friends who choose to do! raising children in such a great and weighty task and i am so inspired by those who choose to take it on.

*granted i haven't had a relationship that lasted more than two date since CLINTON (Bill) was in office so the chance of my having children or having to worry about having children is a pretty far reality for me...yet as i know via friends babies happen and one has to know what they think about having babies before they happen.

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