Wednesday, April 06, 2011

a dream realized (NFTPL #44)

this weekend i acomplished something that i have been wanting to do for over ten years...make a film. after six months of work, shiloh and i produced and directed a short film and with that experience begins our production company. we still have much to do, editing being the first task at hand, but a lot of the process is completed. with in the next two weeks we will be submitting the edited version of this film to one of the bands that we would like to create with...same band we have been in communication with over the last two months. all of this has been filled with the balance of struggle and wonder...often with us turning to each other and saying something like "what the hell are we thinking...who does this?" yet we have been encouraged and blessed throughout this whole process and really believe to the core that we were called, this is not something we could have done on our own.

i find that with the coming completion of this project, i am looking towards what happens next? what is the next film project we will do? how can we convince my brother (our cinematographer) to move down and work with us more? what will happen with this band? who is the next band we want to work with?

it is such an odd place to be having realized a dream....

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