Wednesday, April 06, 2011

going back home...(NFTPL #43)

for the last few days i was visiting places that used to be home. it's a weird thing going back to places that used to be so familar and are no longer brings an odd sense of recollection. it is true that one can't go home again, in my life home is not a place that is even capable of recreation. as i journied along these places which for a time were home i realized that for me home will always be that place where i am feeling most alive and connected. i hope and believe that home will always be the people i carry in and live with through my life, looking on ward i realize how much i want to travel and move about the world encountering beauty and life and friendship and love. with this desire i realize my life will be rooted in a people and a place but will be teathered by love as i venture to far off spaces. already i have been able to travel and experience some far off places...each one had beauty and history and connection.

as i flew back into los angeles last week and watched the clouds play peekaboo the island of catalina welcomed me home. for me right now los angeles is home, the place that i spent so many years wanting to live in and has become a place of flourishing. it is so weird to finally be at a place of loving my life and enjoying what is being offered.

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