Tuesday, April 19, 2011

playing music in a room (NFTPL #48)

tonight after class i went and hung out with my friend who works at a practice studio...which in and of it's self is super cool! we talked about music and life and what not while bands came and went, she's a incredibly sweet, kind and talented lady. towards the end of the night she pulled out her guitar and we attempted to co-create music...and in moments it worked. we're both a bit nervous about our skills, she in her singing and guitar playing (both of which rock) and me about my voice and tendencies to miss the rhythms or whatnot. it was lovely to find those sacred moments of getting beyond your self to a place of connection. and now an hour later i am still wired with the desire to try again, well that and the diet coke i had after class. ever since i have come to los angeles i feel like i have embraced a freedom that is allowing me to be aware of open doors and take risks that i would not have taken before. just the act of being in a room with a friend and creating music is a HUGE risk for me to take. yet i did and hope to again soon.

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