Tuesday, May 03, 2011

the bane of waiting (NFTPL #49)

we are in the final stages of waiting, waiting to receive a final answer about this project that shiloh and i have spent so much time and energy working on. easter morning we sent in the final cut of our video and as of thursday the band had yet to see the footage (we know this because we ran into two of the three band members at a show last thursday and shiloh introduced herself and talked to them).  so here we are waiting...it sucks this waiting, it eats at your heart tearing at your hope with doubts and fear. every day you are required to remind yourself what the truth of what you have been called to is. when waiting whether for a birth, an offer, a lover, a answer whatever you are specifically called to wait for you are called to live into  hope without a tangible shred to hold on to...so as my old pastor used to say...you must preach the truth to your self to remind God of what God has promised and revealed to you. when it comes, as it will come, it may not look like what you had envisioned it to be but it is the promised truth to which you have been called to hope for. at least that is what i tell myself in theses days of radio silence.

my darling friend beth imaged waiting like cooking stew you have to throw the ingredient into the pot for a while and let them come together to sit there and well stew...because who wants to eat uncooked meat and raw veggies and spices and beer. i mean really separately it's good but not cooked just sitting there in the pot yuck!  and that's why it needs to stew and that's why sometimes we have to wait...because if we didn't whatever it is we are waiting for would come out like uncooked stew.

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