Tuesday, May 31, 2011

oh honey...what were you thinking

some days i just don't understand fashion and what gets passed off as fashionable...today is one of those days. we spent the weekend just outside of las vegas, which from my two experiences, is often the seat of "what were you thinking" fashion. honestly after a day here shiloh said she feels the need to straiten her hair and dye it blond where as i feel the need to find something exceeding low-cut and tightly fitted. surprisingly i haven't seen that many bad outfits this time around most likely because we haven't spent much time in on the strip, in fact it has actually been the fashion and body positive sites that i read that have been racked with bad fashion choices today. i just don't understand why....

 i mean i get the need to be creative with ones clothing and the choice to let it be a space of artistic expression but bad fashion much like bad tattoos, of which i have also seen to many here in las vegas, just don't make sense to me. in regard to both but especially ink i feel that one should take A LOT of care and thought into just how well that tweety bird or "go lakers" or "thug girl" tramp stamp tat is going to express the essence you in about 15-40 yrs. now i know there are those that say even if not the ideal tat later in life it is a reminder of a different person you were in a different season while i get that i still personally don't ever want a tattoo that i totally regret.  for each of the tattoos i have, i spent at least a year thinking over exactly what i wanted and where and why...even so i still question the placement of my first tattoo. as i think and ponder and save up the money for my next one, thanks phil nellis for designing it, i am spending time contemplating where on my body i want this beautiful art to live until my body rots away.

clothing is a bit different in the sense that it can change, not being permanently seared to your skin like a tattoo, but still i have to question why people thought such and such was a great idea to wear out to their son's little league game. i my self have changed my fashion senses a million times over, looking back at certain pictures i have to ask myself the same question "what the hell was i thinking" and then i write if off as my cowboy phase, gangster rap phase (both covering 8th-9th grade), or well it was the pacific northwest in the early 90's who wasn't effected by grunge? even in the last year and a half as a result of moving from seattle to los angeles via a seven month stop-over in portland my sense of style and clothing  has changed. in part because what one wears for three months in seattle is what one wears year round in los angeles and vice versa. i guess i just want everyone to not only feel incredible about how they look but to actually LOOK incredible as well and when someone puts on something that doesn't flatter their body or their beauty it makes me really sad...mostly because it is one of my fears.

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