Friday, June 03, 2011

across miles....

across the miles i can see your deaden eyes glazed over and lost like something captured a part of your soul. i run through the motion of physically offering you breathe from my distance, knowing it won't tangibly help yet action in bodily form is how i connect so there you go...the light flickers a bit and i see you but in still frame. you're frozen and i can't reach across the icy wasteland, even if you were inches away from me the connection is lost. in my mind's eye i place you hand on my hair and the other on my chest hoping that something will connect, cupping your face in my hands i call out "look at me instead" it feels like i am stuck behind glass with your darling face right there but out of hurts my heart to see you looking so ravaged by death, comatose like mcmurphy at the novel's end. where have you gone jolly court jester? silly wise friend? what or who has taken that silver of your being and run ramped across your tender soul? i am miles away so i do what i can, breathe in and out and send angels and prayers and begging requests that you are freed and find your balance and rest.

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