Wednesday, June 15, 2011

musings (NFTPL # random insert)

you speak through smoke signals and sex and rock n' roll
i speak in books, and music, and words
you love like a blue burning flame and i am volcanic burning roses
we each are filled with sparks of the divine

i am bound too tightly. caged in by reason, fear and practicality fighting for freedom with my wild running rock n roll heart
you on the other hand fly completely unfettered and yet are tender-hearted and deeply affected, weighted by all that you see.

your presence inundates me like the waves in their tidal rhythms,
you flood my shores and then retreat back to the ocean depths.
i run like a steady stream or river to the ocean filled to the brim with creativity and need.

together for a moment we weave melodies and rhythms
like a holy tapestry telling a story greater than each of our own.
spirit and breath exchanged back and forth in a telekinetic transfere

now i sit waiting to see what comes next like a boat sitting in the still sea i wait for the next move of this dance to find out which way the headwinds will move me.

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