Thursday, July 14, 2011

the thing about love songs and movies....(nftpl #53)

so i realized this thing as i was listening to the i-pod in traffic this morning...the relationship/love songs i tend to like, much like movies and books, tend more often than not to be written by men from a male perspective. when i think about what would be in my top ten list for any of these categories middle class men dominate the list.

since i would call my self a third wave feminist and very much advocate for equality and voice i find this very interesting. is is the insidious cultural indoctrination that the male perspective is the norm through which everyone should see? is it a form of self loathing or hatred? or is it that i an artist and lover am just more connected because of _ to this kind of vision of relationships and love? i don't know...i mean i am very female in much of my functioning and perspectives on life. yet high fidelity, reality bites, chasing amy, and singles are all favorite movies of know the ones you put on when you just don't want to think anymore. what's interesting is that all four of these movies are about men and relationships...even reality bites is more male than female. they are all tales of wanting and pining for one that you seemingly can't have and yet do in the end. that ache of desire and waiting and finally getting that which you have battled for.

in music it's a combination of this and the frustrations of wanting someone who might be terribly wrong for you but you still want them none the less...mountain by tonic, old hat by harvey danger, aya/shade of blue/red eyes and tears/whenever your ready/ect by BRMC, laid by james, and the list goes on.  it's always been this way when i was a singer it never failed i would alway want to sing the "male" songs because they seemed more interesting than the female.

so what is it? why does a male perspective on love and relationships carry more weight and power with my heart than a female? is it because that is what i miss from my perspective...i don't understand it so it's what i am drawn to more because my brain needs something to work out?  as friends have told me i choose complicated, because i like things to do and puzzles to solve. i don't do simple in spite of cries to that effect. whatever the reason it doesn't seem like it is changing soon.

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