Thursday, July 14, 2011


let me start by saying that zombies freak me out. ask my little brother and sister in law after watching "zombieland" last year i was totally scared to walk the five steps out of their door to my car. that being said i spent a good six months last year researching zombies, the myth of zombies, and zombie films for a paper i never ended up writing about what the current surge in zombie films, lit, and culture is all about. i believe much like the rise of apocalyptical stories and then vampires, that the cultural saturation of zombies says something major about the underlying cultural ethos of Western society (yeah i know super wordy but what can i say i am a graduate student paying good monies to write like this).

that being said...two nights ago i had this horrific dream that took place during a zombie invasion. now i know from my research and the books i have bought and read on the subject that the reality of this kind of  a thing happening is impossible but tell that to my brain! so anyway there i was in the midst of zombie pandamoium trying to get where ever it was that was safe...usually a coast, almost always the west coast, although i don't know why? anyway it's all stressful and what not searching for weapons and vehicles and food all the while avoiding the threat of evil from formerly human beings. yet in the end what became the most awful part of the dream was not the shooting at and killing zombie (the pacifist in me was cringing) but rather the fact that i ended up alone in a car on this journey...granted i had food, water, weapons, gas everything i needed..except another person to help save off the threat of death. it was the "what if" fears of being alone that really got to me and finally woke me up in the wee hours of the morning.

what in part i got as i was processing this dream, was the revelation that i have all i need to live my life (ie all the supplies) but i am terrified that i will have to continue walking alone through the dark spaces. when i say alone i mean without a human companion..since that is what we are each created for human connection and companionship.  my heart longs to share life with others.

so again i find that i am learning something from zombies!

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