Monday, August 22, 2011

Missing the Northwest... (NFTPL #56)

musing over the reality that i have lived in los angeles, the promised land, for almost a year i realized this morning while checking out the lovely photography of sarah jurado (incredible artist and wife of musician damien jurado that i do very much miss certain aspects of the pacific northwest. out of my almost 32 years of life, 30 were spent either in portland, oregon or seattle, washington...when i was 1 i lived with my parents in quebec, canada for a year while they went through missions training and this last year i have lived in los angeles but beyond that i am truly a child of the northwest.

so what are some of the things that i miss about the northwest you may ask?

well for one i miss ferryboat and the ability hop on a ferry, travel across the sound and journey to port townsend or some other place...riding the ferry in seattle was something that always sends shivers of joy to my heart! there is something completely sensual and exciting about traveling in this manner. it is a mini adventure that even if i have taken already five times in recent history i am still excited for whatever mystery and miracle decided to present it's self...the child-like wonder of taking a ferry is never lost for me.

secondly i miss late and all night coffeeshops that are situated in relatively safe many late night papers were written either at zoka's or u-village starbucks or both. i have yet to find a great coffee place to study late at night here in los angeles...many great bars but no addition i also miss the coffee culture of the northwest, the many independent places that have incredible coffee. with a few exceptions...i am stuck drinking, starbucks which after years of well made and hand crafted coffee pales in comparison.

continuing on in the late night vein...i miss the ability to go to parks after dark...unless it's the beach there just aren't safe open spaces to go to at night here and have deep conversations. so many of the most interesting and memorable nights of my life in seattle were spent at the beach or parks with cigarettes and bad coffee sharing life and conversations.

tattoos, i mean good ones, artistic and beautifully designed tattoos. now i am not saying that all people in los angeles have awful tattoos but when out here there are very that i come across and am blown away by the creativity and artistic quality of the tattoo. where as in the northwest most of the people i know who have tattoos are artists and have really incredible body art.

oh yeah and all the great mid-range concert venues (the tractor tavern, the crocodile cafe, neumos, the showbox, even chop suey) so far i have only encountered two good venues the troubadour and the satellite....i miss my venues...

and lastly what i miss most about the friends and family!

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