Monday, August 22, 2011

on this day... (NFTPL #57)

in less than two hours it will be my 32nd birthday...gosh what a scary number that is. i remember several years ago watching sex in the city and realizing that 30 was my scary age and here i am now two years past it. there have been many beautiful happenings this year that has made it one of the best so far that i would have missed if i had stayed in the fear that comes with having a scary age because that fear would have bound me to people and places that i was not made for. instead i risked and unfettered myself and journeyed here to a place of flourishing and promise. as i look towards this next year i have not expectations just hope that i will end up in the places i need to be doing the things that i am called to and from there the impossible and incredible will flow into my life.

i hope this next year of mine will be filled with visions lived out, travel nationally and internationally, great music & musicians, videos and creative projects, a company, seeing my best friend fall in love again (this time with the right man), watching two other friends continue to fall in love, more babies, more weddings, and maybe just maybe a relationship for me too. there are so many incredible possibilities and i can't wait to see how they will grow and form into lovely wild gifts and unexpected pleasures.

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