Tuesday, August 16, 2011

searching for fire..

i stumble in the dark looking for what will burn me hard and bright. standing here in the shadows i have waited for that which will spark with my heart igniting it so that i cannot walk away. this life of mine has sat on the sidelines hoping and begging and musing for someone who was inspiring the greatness and the wildness that lurks in my heart's shadows.

to find fire is possible and to find encouragement is possible but to encounter that perfect chemistry of fire that burns long and bright is a hard task in deed. fire that at first is good can burn too bright and threaten to consume or fire that starts well can easily go out...the kind of fire that has lasting light must burn hot enough and steady with flashes of the light.

shall i light a pyrite and burn my soul to garner the attention of the fire starter? the one who can light my fire as it were. or shall i douse myself in water over and over again like elijah calling on God to show just how powerful God is in the face of lies and false prophets? they strain their voices and bleed themselves as the goddess stood silent...and God burned water drenched alter in it's entirety to ash.

marked i am a live coal waiting for paper and wood to turn my smoldering embers into a roaring blaze. already i shoot through the sky like a star in falling flight to be wished on may and might...yet when he which bares the same marking steps into the woods all around will be consumed in the light of our mutual flames.

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