Wednesday, August 31, 2011

this girl she is....

she is like the lychee nut, guarded and suited on the outside and soft and lushish at the core. things mean something to her deeply penetrating the barrier of construction. once through the shell one is caught by the sweet and tart taste of her beholding. this fruit is not of common origin but exotic a prize to be held on to.

she is a flavor so unique and unexpected that she always lingers in you heart and mind. you may ignore her for a while but then in a off moment the wind changes and you taste and smell her scent as clear as the first time you kissed her on the street corner. all the waves of school boy innocence and joy come flooding back with the thought of that girl. you miss her as she in those moments of recollection misses you.

this girl, while she maybe called sister, was and will never been that word of familial connection...she is closer and more distanced. she is the one who has walked away and yet holds the promise of another try another go for another day. never will she play the harem games of some, while in the pack she stands aside waiting for her turn to run wild and wide.

she is a flower wild beauty hardy and unknown...she is a lychee nut waiting rediscovery.


Becka_Bo said...

Very tight symbolism. Absolutely lovely imagery. Slightly heart-wrenching, and yet hopeful.
Beautiful, beautiful post.
Makes me wonder who this was about...or what inspired it.

jessi knippel said...

thank you....this was one of those things that just came..will tell you what inspired it when i see you next