Sunday, August 14, 2011

this is what i want for you

you wrestle with God and the devil day in and day out...healing is your deepest fear and your secret heart's desire. i watch as you try to do the job for the latter working your damnedest to destroy what is good in your so that the lie you live will be true. walking close to light your fear strikes out trying to harm what you most fear. i want you to find life, to have your battled and shattered heart restored to the beauty and power it was made for. my friend you have been created for more than this, the slow destruction of your self. you were created for such glory and truth telling, yet you allow the dark angels to eat away at your heart and soul. the demonic snacks on you like's that terrible ache when you are crying alone begging for this to be over. their tongues roll over you sucking the life and the light, they mean to leave you a hollow shelled bag of your worst fears; alone, unloved, unremarkable, and voiceless. this is not you dear, this is not who you are. you are wise and wild and tender-hearted you love to offer care to others, spilling art all over the place so that as many as possible can hear and see and know. tell the vampiric dark angels for once and all be gone...allow beauty and truth and light to enter in a heal the hurts and will always remember that's not the question it is the question of will you live and choose life.

i hope the music and the love and the light will finally touch you deep enough to move that stubborn wolf-heart to the man he was created to be with out fear or loss but rather stepping into the marking that has existed since the time you were created forth. choose good my friend please choose good.

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