Sunday, September 18, 2011

markings and memories

words fail and i think of your fingers. the memories of ghosts flutter through my brain like the birds overhead. crows and images arrest my mind in a momentary pause, then comes the flood of things locked away for safe keeping. these little daydreams aren't much in the way of grand hopes more like little prayer papers being burned and sent up into the sky. art and coffee and the occasional cigarette help to turn my mind around. removing the traces of you by putting things back to where they belong helps too.

it impossible to escape any relationship unmarked. no matter how good or bad there is always a scar or tattoo left there for posterity sake. while one of my many "yous" has been gone for ages,  dates and phrases are inescapably seared into my sponge like head. with each face and heart i look for the one who is well shaped to my unique contours. a lover who will not get board (as many do) understanding the depths of my hidden light and darkness. the control freak and the wild hippy child that somehow comes together in one being. the earth goddess nature mamma who love to be pampered. the christian who is intrigued by myth and rituals and religions. the sceptic who can't help but believe. with each person i hope beyond hope that this one holds the glass slipper. that the fit will be right and true. until then i am stalked by the visions of lovers past and the hope of someone new.

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