Saturday, September 10, 2011

reading list

while i was reading through blogs tonight i figured i should do a few posts directing whomever is reading this one to other people who i greatly respect and love to read...these are just a few of the women. will do a few more but didn't want to overwhelm the three people who read my musings

Malia James ( this lady is wonderfully talented and i love what she offers artistically! plus i secretly want to shadow her on a film shoot or two.

Patrice Jackson ( lovely photographer!

Sarah Jurado ( this lovely band manager and photographer always reminds me of what i love and miss about the northwest and it's indie music scene...

Carson Ellis ( ~ i love the whimsical designs of this lady ever since i got her husband's first album ( the decemeberists)  and her ways of drawing out her son through offering space for him to artistically and uniquely interact with the world...

Shiloh Woodard ( my best friend and roommate...enough said!

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