Saturday, September 17, 2011

tears for a lost love

cloudy morning, overcast sky in the city of sunshine and glitter.
your perpetual heartbreak and sorrow flies across the invisible cords of binding and stabs my soft spot spaces. the ache that comes with the words of truth...i can't fix it for you none one can but you, they are painfully true. my deepest fear is that people keep feeding that darkness and ego bird buried inside your tender and barely held together heart. just enough bits so that you are sustained and don't have to face the darkness night of the soul or rather bright light of the day in your case. so you never venture out to the place of healing and life. sitting as spectator with my insignificant bottle of love i watch as your consorts continue to drag you down the pit of never to return with their flattered and blinded complementary lies. with each offering of love to quench your dire thirst i hope a truer deeper reality is revealed. but alas as appearing now i find my kernel of hope is misplaced and dreary. for you crave the highs and lows and self constructed pain and joy like an addict on the ride of his life. you need there to be so much vibrance these days to feel something to touch something that feels alive through the numbed out days that few if any can reach through. i dreamed a vision months ago on a long dark drive through the canyons....i was touching you, feeling your heart beat against my tender exploring hands, you kissed me and then frozen. nothing i could do would shake your statued state away. you were in an instant gone and tears flooded my gaze. that prophetic vision is what i pray to be ended each night and day. no longer should you be bound to the dark worm of yesterdays. 

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