Friday, September 23, 2011

visions of the wilderness

a quick hour and a half drive on the 10 freeway leads to a rustically beautiful place called the desert. this is a place of coyotes, snakes, cactus, and westerns. it is a place that on first glance seems barren and empty yet is teeming with life and beauty. there is magic in this space, greatness has passed here before me and will once again come a calling.

sitting in the passenger seat i was privy to the haunting mountains of southern california where my aunt and uncle live, the sky pure blue filled with clouds and light, and the huge windmills that create natural energy and stand like guardians against the sky. it is a place where one can get lost in the vastness and nature, turn a corner and find God or a devil standing on a rock offering life or death. as i drank in the landscape images and stories rushed in my head. whole moving pictures aided by the soundtrack of a favored band.

for the last ten years or so i have been hearing stories about pioneertown. maybe it was counting crows talking about being here for a blues/blue grass festival, then graham parsons and his death in joshua tree, u2's album art, pappy & harriet's...and this constant desire to spend a weekend in the desert with musicians and artists  drinking wine and talking about the great questions of life. laughter, joy, creative expression and community of like minded people is always a wonderful dream for me. and now at least part of that dream awaits me this weekend. something incredible will come out of this experience i know.

in the midst of the darkness i will embrace light and beauty and creativity and *hopefully* meet new friends and connect with those already known. tonight i plan on drinking a bit, imbibing haunting and beautiful music and staring up into a star filled night sky!

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