Sunday, October 23, 2011


this and that
here and there
Hope comes to me in slivers of image
craftily she rebuilds what has been broken
taking shattered dreams and creating a mosaic of epic portions.

often i do not see her swiftly moving hands 
then i am stopped in my tracks and have a vision of what is being created
the whole is beyond my ability to see but the bits of here and there 
form into artistry.

Love comes with her sweet caresses and her tender words
softly she whispers truths into the scars built from years of battling
with a light but firm touch she sheers off my dragon scales
and releases the human in me

these long held wounds are bound with fast acting potions
and songs that speak into being restoration of that which it seemed irrevocably destroyed
lazarus once again steps out of the tomb long since thought to be dead

as my work weary body longs for bed 
that landmine called my brain is suddenly cleared
no more wild and claustrophobic maze but a meditative labyrinth filled with contemplative peace

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