Sunday, October 30, 2011

once again i was standing in a room as harmonies and rhythmic sonnets swirled around my head like ether. there was fake blood on the floor, werewolves priests and mummies on's halloween weekend after all.  i felt like an alien come for observation, seeking to connect and understand that which is most intimate and absolutely foreign. the ruckus teenagers bounced and moshed and i wondered if i was like that years ago. totally into the music to the point where it's magic carried me beyond awareness of those i was around.  the speed at which guitarists strummed blew my mind and placed me in a odd surreal state...observation became my mo. my internal critic was in full assault so i stood my ground and let prayer and drum beats take me where i had to go...afloat in the mystery and beauty and symphonic waves kept me moving away from the deadly under tow.

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