Tuesday, November 15, 2011


A gypsy heart with a timid soul, I was made to wander the world in the company of people. In their absence my mind plays tricks on me and my feeble heart fills up with lies. Hours filled in with mindless baking and television's talking heads. Nothing feels quite right...the color has been slightly bleached and nothing tastes as it should.  My essencial energy is drained, with all the wanton chaos that has taken to squatting in my body...through that building they enter the other two, heart and mind. These are not your cool social justice keep power from the man type squatter thoughts oh no! These bastards are ruckus teenager thoughts bent on  the destruction of something because it's not their own and there for not sacred. Demon beasts, armed to the teeth with years of self hatred and doubts they spew out emotion violence like it was the new hip style. After years of learning I know how this game is played...throwing kisses to the dog with promises of return. I run to the city armed with music, car keys, and a phone. Into her arms I move to be enveloped by people, by friends, and by life vivid and moving fast. To wash away the unrightness of being alone.

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