Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Everywhere around me there is hurt and pain, oppression and destruction of life. So many mouths to feed, hearts to mend and shelters to find...my meager offerings feel just that meager and ineffectual against a tidal wave of injustice and crookery. And it's not just "those people" over there, I hold the keys to life or death for myself and others in each choice and step and breath. Do I hold my comfort, and let another suffer that lack, to I hold my darkness to afraid to act? I want what I want but at what cost? Does my having mean your loss?

Do I give over my life like St Teresa of the lepers? Selling all I have, releasing all I desire and all I hold dear in the service of love and care? No? Then what shall I do, give what I have as meager as it is, trust that the gifts and the heart I have choose love over death will find a means to tell stories and offer tangible justice and hope and a friend.

My heart breaks, it's spilling tear come through the voice now dead on the radio. His calls for justice echo mine, as my voice echos his in space and time. I want to follow to see the changes to run into not away from the call of love. To sing "what's happen to you" to see the transformation of those so dear into the creative and bright beauties they were destined to be. Here in my room cold and late I hold on to the dreams and desires to create for myself for others for the needs of the hidden.

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