Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Legion has stuck it's claws deep into your heart taking the place of light and filling your eyes with dark. Like a shifting storm on the Galilean sea, the army takes hold and you cease to be. I've see those moments of beauty where your truest heart shines but the clouds soon cover over and the storms fill your windowed eyes. Slicing your wrists and your invisible dreams you seek for destruction of goodness with the call of a drink or two or three. Yours is a slow and meandering death. My heart-breaks and I wonder if you'll be able to break your fetters and rise again. That humanity still lingers deeply hidden inside, Gollum torn between desire for life and desire for the ring. Redemption standing waiting listening for the call only to receive prayers followed by the fuck you at the end of the latest close call. Under no delusions I hide in the boat well aware that salvation is not part of my scope, love it runs deep but must stand back afar for the many has you deep in it's reigns and that's a game I just can't play.

(inspired by mark 5:2-13)

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