Tuesday, November 29, 2011


now is the itching time when my tiny heart craves a chaos that allows it to disassociate from the chaos inside. i want to run wild and naked through dark alley streets, "go out and embarrass my self by getting drunk and falling down in the street", hop on the back of a strangers bike to follow the need for a hit and search for something real in the arms of another being.  everything is filled with angsty need. all the unified cells of my being scream "DO SOMETHING NOW".  Sunset Blvd and Hollywood call, the night view of her lady of the angels from Griffith's high seat and the late night creations of a studio by the river. smoke fills up my mouth and lungs, wine down my parched throat, here i sit hoping that these elements will offer a mediation between the tangible and the spiritual. i need connection and music and love and creation...i want to feel alive again.

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