Wednesday, November 09, 2011

really no slavery....i beg to differ

this afternoon i was informed by the child i nanny for, that her teacher, (LA county school & wealthy neighbourhood) told her that there was no slavery in california! better yet that it wasn't slavery because people were aware of what was happening to them, in essence that they had chosen it so it couldn't be slavery. first of all my internal reaction was "what the fuck", i mean really this is totally a bullshit line of reasoning ie blame the victim. but what i told her was that in spite of everything on this one issue her teacher was very very very wrong. the reason this even came up was because, this child is very inquisitive always wanting to know where i am going after work and what i am doing. so the morning after the "not for sale campaign" event a few weeks ago she wanted to know all about the organization and why (beyond black rebel) i would want to go to an event like that. i told her a bit about the fact that on a daily basis there are women, men and children who are being sold into slavery or abused by other people and that is human trafficking. i even showed her slavery map and where close to her house on a map there have been documented cases of human trafficking. she wanted to know why this would happen to could it happen to someone, the same questions i find my self asking. i think in part she was impacted because in her class they are talking about slavery in the forming of the united states government. so while i am completely appalled that a teacher would say this i am so thankful for the chance to challenge a curious young mind on the reality of abuse.  it also reminds me, because of my reaction, how i need to get more and more involved in fights for justice, especially in the areas of marginalized women and children.

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