Tuesday, January 03, 2012

dreaming of transformations

conversations swirled like snowfall around my mind and heart. that empathetic organ caught the wave of hope being given a clouded vision of your potential. she begs and prays flat on her face and down on her knees. emmaus road, voices from heaven and clarity inducing blindness...with the awareness that God's interaction with humanity changes and transitions depending on the person and historical times. amma God aches for your restoration to the light she created you for...all this talent and power and beauty which you in that damned selfishness throw away as trash. as i begin my rant Ruah, spirit of life, breaths wisdom into my own stubborn will, while true are these words they are a blessing for me and you. what i hope for one whom i love is also what is hoped for by those who love me. so i dream and pray and ask for a wildfire of transformations to flow....that goodness, and love will claim the lives of those i care about and love.

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