Thursday, January 19, 2012

old lovers muse

old lovers hold a pieve of me broken away as is the way. i in turn hold a part of them, dear to my heart brought out in a moment to remember them. a different conduit for each catches me off guard at the oddest times and spaces, a smell, a chord, a touch, a word...transports my heart back in space and time when there was still a we and I was a beautiful things to behold. as i jolt back in the present reality my tender need aches. i want to be desired and wanted and new all over again. a creature mysterious and unknown. the gypsy lover who walked away first the johnanna of visions and unforgetability. i want to be that woman he could never forget who's power rolls around in his heart and mind, not the shadowed creature who is easily forgotten and left behind like the cracking and greying of old photographs hidden under the bed's back corner. the perpetual muse and long lost lover, goddess of all imagined desire who still thirty years later sets you heart and stomach aflutter with desire.

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