Monday, January 23, 2012


my heart it keeps breaking over and over and over again...into little shards of a thing. just when i think it can't be broken anymore empathy wields compassion like a battering ram and chink another crack in my heart. it's the child who's so fried from adult things way beyond their pay scale that they cannot understand play anymore, the depth in which poverty hits shatteringly taking lives that could have been easily saved with clean water and good food, the horrific acts that pour out of one who's fists only have the capacity to hold hatred and abuse, the acts of passive violence and active war that quickly and slowly poison the person body and soul and the damnedness of my own souls willful wantings. it's the looking at those you can't save but desperately want to, watching friends fall down the rabbit hole and wondering if they'll leave the looking glass in one piece. it breaks when i look into his eyes and hope that i was something more that what i think i might have been...the means to getting over another nothing more than a quick distraction. 

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