Saturday, February 04, 2012


my body is in revolt mode often switched places with my mind like children it's so hard to get everyone on the same page. nothing wants to stay in side and offer nourishment and stability, nope it's just in and out. waves of nausea flood me from head to toe as i try with all my strength to stand and stay up right. but alas it's not a day for movement. i am confined to couches and beds and the trip in the car will be a bitch tonight. fighting i contemplate the cause of it food that i should not have chosen to imbibe? or spiritual forces and energies (being earthy i feel everything physically in my body) attempting to block my forward movements? embittered and locked emotional stress? or just running myself ragged until the body finally tells the mind and the will and the spirit..."STOP" and they still don't listen so it says "I said stop and since you aren't taking my advice I'm gonna make you stop! Take that suckers!" and here i am laid out on a day when I wanted so much to be active and vibrant.

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