Thursday, February 02, 2012

damn duped again

dating and sex and attracting all sound so good on paper, don't they?
and then i find myself in the wormy little closet of desire wrestling with wants and knowledge.
it smells funny here and there is something unnatural dripping off the walls.
the various "partners" amble in and stand against the viewing spot that is not unlike a police mug shot line up.
they list their positive and negative skill sets and offerings, yet that is just the beginning. if they get past the undefinable list or i am having an exceptionally generous day then we talk and maybe just maybe meet up in some real world space.
it is here via telephone wires, emails, or silverlake bars that inevitable something shows up. it's ambiguous nature keeps definition far away but like the ticking bomb it's always on time. for in the spectral presence the attractive energies shift and all hope of future mornings in bed or walking in the rain are erased from the  candidate's brain processing.
at this given point all charm, beauty and muse-like quality hides or falls away out of my form and once again the conquest for love is aborted way to soon.

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