Saturday, February 04, 2012

Half state hide

"It's a fool alone that carries gold
He'll find his own when he finds alone
Now it's miles away and cast in stone
Now he's miles away and casting stones"

"Half State" stalks me when I am unaware. A profound and deep message that I just can't seem to decipher. Played live it's all over, my rabbit brain turns to mush and the spiritual-metaphysical connection takes over. Lost, searching for meaning in a swirling sea of base and guitar chords, rhythmic drum beats and the battle between dark and light. My heart prays the unattainable words that seep out of me like salt tears in a vivid dream. Echos and whispers crying I just want to know to understand to fathom the truths that even these artists can't see. I sound like a crazy person, like the Kubrick fans who see hidden meaning in telephone books half hidden on the celluloid screen. Yet I have seen God and the Devil battling out of the corner of my eyes. In a guzzle of absinthe I've seen lovers and friends change sides. I know clearly those moments when I become the conduit of the unknown truth, falling off my tongue in well formed thought and words I could never have constructed of my own accord. On a late spring night in a dream like state I talked a friend of friends off a ledge of some kind, while a dead man came to offer gifts to a friend. Events that are out of my sphere of knowledge and comprehension and yet and true as the repaired shattered front tooth or the scar on my leg from when I was six. God is bigger and broader than one can understand, lightnings of transformation and redirection happen in an instant or over a slow incline. And deep inside this hypnotic song lies a truth that I have yet to discover.

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