Sunday, February 26, 2012

travel me to surrender

I want you to explore me like a uncharted land. Treating it like you are the first one to ever ventured into this new topography. Play me again and again like that song on the album we both love that you played so many times we came close to enlightenment until the needle cracked the vinyl clean to the other side. Let your hands slowly discover all I have to offer, inches at a time like a man who blindly can only see the world through the touch of finger tips to flesh and bone. Let my heart be to you like a vast and uncharted ocean that you could never hope to cross all of but you'll be damned to hell if you don't try over and over and over again. I want you to love me this well so that I can find rest in your arms, to finally feel what it is like to surrender melting into the being of another even if it is ever just a series of moments. To find the place where us and them fades into ich und du, connection happens and we see clearly if only for a brief bit of time. 

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