Friday, March 02, 2012

around and around

i keep running in circles broader and broader circles searching for one who can hold my body and heart together as one.

 yet none comes who can stay the journey....there was one once who came close but then he wandered away.

so i find that i am lost and alone in the ways of love. traveling a path without guidance or warmth on those long cold nights.

there are days when i would give almost anything i have for the shelter of another body and heart. offer up all of my dreams just for a few moments of tenderness and met desire.

why have i to wait so long? to sit here by the side of the road...should i dress as ritual whore to fulfill my unmet rights?

the damned fool of a heart wants what it cannot ever have and longs for the touch and momentary connection to exorcise the wanting.  maybe in the oddity of a desert night the ritual will finally culminate and freedom will be found.

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