Saturday, March 17, 2012

late night convolution meant for a former lover

 I need night alone again in a room without your fear of destruction or my fear of expressing desire. I need your hands and mouth traveling the length of my body making every inch of me scream. You in side me and over me. Us molded and mended in tender and wild wanting and fulfillment.  

Don't miss understand me lover, while you have my heart. I am not asking for yours or  nor giving mine away whole. This request does not mean I want marriage or children or something beyond what we have. Rather it is just the request that through the earthiness of our coming together, I might find rest from your haunting of me. 

No, while I do from morning tonight need this haunting of your to stop the chords to be cut. I am neither foolish innocent not love struck blind. I know you sir I know your ways. My request is that you follow through on that promise so long ago made. Sealed by a marking kiss. 

Savior or some time wife I do not wish to be....memorable, seared in your brain, unforgettable and always loved yes but not wife not mother just friend and sometime lover that is all I want for us to be.

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