Saturday, March 17, 2012


Iconic, memorable, unforgettable....

words that my heart wishes and secretly hopes could be mine.

she wants the power of presence to walk into the room and undo people. to be wanted and pedestaled and desired even as she tries to hide away.

yet she can't see herself in the marilyn's, madonna's and she sees only the servant, the easily forgettable tumblely friend...the motherly creature whom everyone thinks should just raise the children.

her dark and earthy sexuality still it seems is hidden beneath the ground waiting for someone to come again and discover this treasure but none do.

i want to feel like my strength and desirability is at the beck and call of those who have eyes to see it but that it shouts it's presence in to the crowd and silence takes over the madness.

i want to be that woman you can never get over because she was the one you wanted so badly....

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