Sunday, March 25, 2012

rainy night reflections

the rain softly falling outside is a distant echo of long forgotten home. that soothing sound of late nights and  grey clouded dreams. the wonderful pitter patter as you sit sheltered in a dark car sharing stories, insights and dreams as the windows slowly fog. yet tomorrow it will be all gone the sun in her wonder will dry up all the remnant soaking this much needed moisture into her golden skin. it's nights like these that lead me to crave the absence of a you. they warp my brain leading to convoluted images that turn one thing into another entirely. i ask for what i cannot have and hope that someday that which is lost will return. the rain enters my bones and soaks deep into my skin recalling the water people i come from the land of dark skys and folky music and oceanviews. the perfected cup of coffee with that hint of depression hanging over, i traded what i had in the north for tangible promises in the south....but every so often the rain comes to recall those former days.

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