Monday, April 09, 2012

i want something...
                              it hides mysteriously slowly poking through small shafts of light
     i see sometimes clearer than i want to but only when i am outside of the range of sight
                              when a certain being walks into the lens i go all weak in the knees
i want but for all my wanting i can't seem to make things true.

for i know in my wanting, that to enact what i desire would lead to destruction for the both of us.

 yet there is this wormy darker shadow self that sits inside the deep spaces of my heart. she wants to rage against you to shatter the world between us with sex, violence, and love.  in a glorious ball of passion and anger, we'd burn up the sky in our seedy little motel room.

i know this...  
                     love is absent it ran away years ago.
   sex wouldn't heal, fix or repair what is broken in my heart and yours it would only sharpen the stone cold seal.
              because baby we are a combustible equation you and me. we may burn up the sky but we also would take the galaxies with us...on my foolishly wandering adventure.

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