Monday, May 14, 2012

truth in chaos age

we are searching in this age of post modernism, where structures and institutions no longer work, for they had left us with nothing. beaten and broken we have been shattered by the weight of keeping up appearances and books of rules. love and grace have been bound up in shackles locked in a deep dark hole, their personages co-opted for the political games. truth is a seemingly impossible commodity especially from those who are the gate keepers of the real. the guardians of honesty have sold their soul for a wealthy socialist's ironically constructed lie. life seems solidly topsy-turvy in a festival play and nothing makes sense as each card comes up to say it's hopeless tale. i can't make sense of these warring signs and stories before me...each has a piece of truth like the elephant tale but not compose a animal in it's whole sense. clarity has been lost and i swim in a sea that that has no boundaries and looks out past infinity. so inside and outside and around and through i'm seeking the answers anew.

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